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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Information Ate My Table

Conceptually, Information Ate My Table questions society’s dichotomous relationship with information in the digital age, as the quantity and accessibility of it both aids as well as overburdens us.

The piece could not have been made without the assistance of digitally informed design, cutting and milling processes, and yet its function becomes disabled due to the process of its making, in itself a metaphor for this over-saturation.


Eastwood-Bloom grew up in Yorkshire in the 1980’s. On leaving school he attended an art foundation course where he discovered clay and the three-dimensional form. From there he went on to study for a degree at Edinburgh College of Art, where he was introduced to digital three-dimensional design programmes. While attending the Royal College of Art in 2008 Eastwood-Bloom started to use processes such as Rapid Prototyping and CNC milling to assist in realising his three-dimensional designs.


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