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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Shelley Doolan

Iteration 512
Glass, slate

The design for Iteration 512 derives from an exploration of the collision and intersection of waves.

In addition to a knowledge and understanding of traditional craft skills, Doolan has acquired knowledge of CAD modelling software and techniques. This allows her to generate 3D models using equations, the parameters of which can be altered for adjustments to the complexity and detail of the form. Such complex forms can then be CNC milled to produce refractory moulds for subsequent kiln-casting. The resultant glass objects are then painstakingly polished in the final finishing process.


After graduating in 2007 with a degree in Three-Dimensional Design: Glass, Doolan worked as Artist in Residence in the Glass Department at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, enabling her to develop her practice and gain valuable teaching experience. In April of 2009, she was awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding for a research project focusing on the application of 3D CAD modelling within a craft context. In February 2010, Doolan took up an offer of a PhD Studentship at Swansea Metropolitan University within the School of Architectural Glass.


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