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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Philippa Brock

Self Fold #1 & #2
Silk organzine, paper, silver lurex, elastemeric

Self Fold #1 and Self Fold #2 are inspired by Brock’s experimentation with paper-folding techniques. The resulting works are richly textured, surprisingly robust and elastic in their weave structure.

Brock’s research into the structural possibilities for textiles pushes the boundaries of her practice and what is possible within the field of CAD/CAM industrial-woven-jacquard textiles. Although the final outcome is not possible without digital technology, the process relies on an initial prototyping using hand looms. The textiles self-fold as they come off the loom, resulting in a 3D structure requiring minimal finishing.


Philippa Brock is the Woven Textile Pathway Leader at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, an independent International Textile Researcher and Designer/Artist with a portfolio practice. Her practice lies in CAD/CAM woven jacquard.

Her work ranges from researching and developing SMART woven textiles through to designing trend packages, designing woven textile swatches for the International textile industries and exhibiting textiles. Pieces of her work for the science/art project: Nobel Textiles have recently been acquired by the Crafts Council for their permanent collection.


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