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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Nina Tolstrup

Branch Out
Iron, wood

These trestles are inspired by fallen forest branches, which would otherwise eventually biodegrade into the earth. This project elegantly marries the fragility of natural form with the sophistication of digital technology.

Tolstrup collected these branches and 3D scanned them before manipulating the scanned images using a 3D software programme. The resulting form was then rapid prototyped and cast. The casting is done in a traditional foundry using long-established techniques, materials and skills. The cast branches were then used as connectors onto which the fallen branches were co-joined.


Tolstrup’s design studio Studiomama is situated in the East End of London. Studiomama designs products, furniture, interiors and accessories for companies including Habitat, Lexon, Trip Trap, E&Y, The Danish Embassy in London, Wentworth, Twentytwentyone and Greenwich Village. Studiomama won Best contribution to 100% Design for the curation and exhibition design for Made in Denmark. Tolstrup is consulting professor at the Syracuse University, a member of 100% Design’s advisory board and curator of the Danish Craft Collection. Previously Tolstrup worked as design manager for Eleven Danes and was examiner at the Danish Design School and a board member in the Designfondation with a budget under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.


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