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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Michael Eden

Babel Vessel #1
Nylon, mineral coating

The Babel Vessel #1 brings actual and virtual experiences together. Eden, in this work, likens the symbolic surface decoration on an ancient Chinese hu (6th Century ceremonial wine vessel) to the encoded information of a QR (Quick Response) code. Both patterns link to factual information but neither can be ‘read’ without a translator.

The vessel’s unique QR code forms the footprint of the piece, which is created by a 3D printing process, and so is extruded vertically throughout the form. The code can be scanned from the top surface using a QR-enabled mobile device and links to a bespoke page on Eden’s website.


After 20 years as a studio potter, Eden undertook an MPhil research project at the Royal College of Art. This explored how an interest in digital design and manufacturing could be developed and combined with the craft skills he had acquired during his previous experience. Following this period of study, Eden has continued to create a series of pieces, inspired by historical objects and contemporary themes. The work further explores the relationship between hand and digital tools, investigating experimental manufacturing technology and materials. This way of working has allowed Eden to extend his practice into other areas such as glass and furniture.


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