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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Liam Hopkins

Bravais Armchair

The design of the Bravais Armchair was inspired by column-shaped structural forms in nature.

CAD was used to create the chair’s form using large numbers of triangular columns, which were oriented to utilise the structural properties of the cardboard. The individual components were extracted from the on-screen virtual model to create flat pattern layouts, which were then printed to create templates that are transferred onto the cardboard. Thereafter, the construction was completed by hand with over two hundred components hand cut and glued together.


Hopkins studied Three-Dimensional Design at Tameside Technical College and then went on to obtain a degree in the same subject from Manchester Metropolitan University; discovering a niche in the design and making of furniture. He is heavily influenced by the structures and colours of nature, especially the flowing form of trees. In 2006 Hopkins set up studio Lazerian in Manchester, where he develops and creates his own experimental designs, collaborating with other designers and producing other chosen designers work under the Lazerian brand, as well as working on unique commissions for
clients worldwide.


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