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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Daniel O'Riordan

Ripple Tank Table
Oak, glass

In this solid wood table surface, O’Riordan aims to capture that ephemeral moment as rain hits water.

First, he developed simulations using fluid dynamics software and the resulting computer-generated wire frame mesh were then CNC milled onto the surface of a solid oak table top. This highly detailed machining takes 64 hours to complete, after which the surface is then polished by hand and joined to glass sheets to give the impression that it is floating above the ground.


Daniel O’Riordan was trained and works in Bath. He has worked as a Ceramic Artist, Interior Designer, and Lecturer in Three-Dimensional Design and Contemporary Craft. In 2008 he decided to take a two-year sabbatical from full-time teaching to try and synthesis his own practice and develop new work and working methods. O’Riordan became interest in new technology whilst teaching, but often found the results to be sterile and other worldly. His aim is to take a ‘craft’ approach to the use of technology and rapid prototyping, experimenting and manipulating the processes involved in the production of objects.


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