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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956

Chae Young Kim

Knitted Room

The soft, hair-like lines on this wallpaper design give the unique impression that they have been hand drawn. In fact, Kim creates such fine lines digitally using 2D vector graphics.

The computer software and digital printing process facilitates incredibly fine detailing, allowing the designer to reinterpret the warmth of knitted threads onto hard surfaces. The repeat pattern is printed in grey scale, causing a light and shadow effect to add to the 3D illusion.


Young Kim first studied Fine Art and Visual Communication at Seoul National University, from 2001–2006, and then went on to attend Chelsea College of Art and Design, graduating with a degree in Textile Design in 2008. Utilising this background and experience Young Kim’s work pushes the boundaries of digital textiles and print to create a new look with the expert use of digital software. From her personal experience, she studies the relationship between people and their environment and explores the theme of urban camouflage.


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