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Crafts Council Registered Charity Number:280956



1234lab have turned their experiments in 3D sound-mapping into physical objects: in this case jewellery. The bespoke nature of this process means any word or phrase uttered by one person can be ‘worn’ by another.

Voice recordings were mapped out in a 3D ‘point cloud’ which thickens and twists according to tiny nuances in tempo, pitch and purity. Multiple data points were joined together to create the sinuous form of this necklace – subsequently rendered as a 3D object using rapid prototyping production.


1234lab are an international collective, comprising Sarat Babu, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith, Guillaume Drapier and Hermann Trebsche, who focus on using highly experimental processes to create products with real enterprise potential.

Their work to date draws on the theme of translating soundwaves into physical objects. Along with 8hertz jewellery, they have collaborated with chiptune musicians to produce 4four, a tool reinforcing the interplay between composition and playback and 1000faces, walls that mirror their acoustic environment physically.


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