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Here are some of the comments about the Lab Craft exhibition. Comments are now closed but you can still join in the converstion by following Crafts Council on Twitter and Facebook. We also recommend you sign up to the Crafts Council’s e-bulletin so you can stay up to date with all the news.

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sara stoneham

July 20 2011

Really enjoyed the exhibition.



June 18 2011

Interesting exhibition, but why there were no examples of digital knit?  The description of the electronic jacquard loom could be that of mechanical and electronic knitting machines.


Cora Sild

November 23 2010

Look forward to Lab Craft coming to New Brewery Arts in Cirencester in March



November 02 2010

Just seen the piece about Lab Craft on the Guardian. Looking forward to it coming to Barnsley



October 27 2010

Good to know it’s coming back to London again as it was great show!!


Marcia Caines

October 05 2010

My comments on the event can be found in the review I wrote on the London Design Festival



September 27 2010

Fantastic exhibition! Very interesting to see craft makers using digital production techniques to create some stunning work.



September 27 2010

Fantastic! The unimaginable made real. Loved the work by Lynne MacLachlan.

Download the gallery guide

For more information about the exhibition and the makers featured download the gallery guide here.

Is the show coming to near where I live?

  • Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen
    25 February —
    07 April 2012